Roland 400 Digital

The M- 400 is a fully digital mixing system that provides the purest possible sound. The system incorporates a digital snake and mixing console in a fully integrated system. The M -400 is a member of the line V -Mixer mixers which are included in the M- 380 and M- 300 .

key Features

  • Configurable digital snakes with mic preamps with high quality remote controlled on stage ;
  • Cat5e distribution , lightweight, affordable and without the high frequency losses inherent in analog snakes ;
  • 48 channels with 16 buses , channel and bus DSP , 4 stereo effects processors , 4 graphic EQs , built-in stereo recording and playback and integrated multi-channel split port;
  • Up to 40 channels of limitless digital splits over Cat5e for position control / transmit , and / or PC recording without any audio interfaces ;
  • Full support and exchange projects with the M -380 V -Mixer .
  • 16 returns to the stage through the Cat5e cable.


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