Simultaneous translation

Analog simultaneous translation systems (Philips) and digital (Bosch)

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We have 2 types of simultaneous translations: Analog system (Philips) and Digital system (Bosch) with all its own equipment:

  • The Silent Series Booth is the only interpretation booth available conform the latest proposed ISO 4043 Norm.
  • Digital Infra-red Radiators
  • Receivers up to 32 channels (1200 units)

Translation packs available with different configurations suitable for number of attendees. Each pack includes: 1 CCU, 1 Transmitter, radiators, receivers, headphones, Interpreter Desk and booth/s:

  • Pack 50 people 1 booth
  • Pack 50 people 2 booths
  • Pack 100 people 1 booth
  • Pack 100 people 2 booths
  • Pack 150 people 1 booth

We have packs up to 1,200 receivers and 8 interpreters booths.


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